Quick answers to common questions about the Super Bowl LII Entertainment Database. 

How do I fill out a profile to be listed on Bold North Arts?

Click here to enter your information into a form for listing on in the entertainment database.

How do I upload a file to my profile, and what types of files are allowed?

You are permitted to upload one image to your portfolio. The accepted file formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif. The maximum file size allowed is 5MB.

You will also be able to add links to up to two videos and up to two audio samples.

I clicked “Save and Continue” while filling out my profile, but I never got an email. What can I do?

Check your junk email. Notifications are sent within 10 minutes, so if it’s not in your inbox, it’s probably in your junk folder.

If you never receive an email, contact our website administrator for assistance.

How will my information be used?

Your contact information will be used by meeting and event planners looking to secure entertainment and/performers for events related to the 2018 Super Bowl.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If your questions are about categories of entertainment, contact one of the category experts.

If you are looking for talent, search the database of available performers and contact them directly. If you need assistance or have questions about a specific entertainment need, contact one of the category experts.

If you have questions about the website, contact the website administrator.

I need to make changes to my profile, but I have already submitted it. How do I update my listing?

The only way to update a submitted profile is by contacting the website administrator. These requests can take up to a week to fulfill, so consider using the “Save and Continue” option before submitting your profile.

Once you submit your profile you should receive an email with all the information you entered. If there is an major error in your submission, you may submit another profile by copying and pasting the information in the confirmation email into another form. If you do so, please contact the site administrator so that the incorrect entry can be deleted.

Who will contact me for a performance, and when?

Event planners for independent and corporate events alike have already begun searching the database and reaching out to performers.  Usage will continue to increase in the weeks and days leading up to Super Bowl LII.

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